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我只希望朱莉贝克能离我远点|All I ever wanted was for Juli Baker to leave me alone.
故事始于一年级暑假 1957年的夏天|It all began in the summer of 1957, before the start of second grade.
我们到家啦|Here we are.
你们觉得这里怎么样? 我挺喜欢的|What do you guys think? I like this place.
很赞呢 我的房间是什么颜色?|It's cool. Uh, what color is my room?
别急嘛|Just you wait.
咱们进瞧瞧 嘿 布莱斯|Let's see what's inside. Hey, come _disibledevent="pagebreak">

太棒了|That's fascinating.
俗话说得好 重色必轻友 加利特这个叛徒|Loyalty gave way to desire and Garrett, the turncoat
向雪利全盘托出我的计划|told Sherry what I was up to.
她自然很是生气|She didn't take it well.
至于朱莉|Word got back to Juli,
她自然又开始对我故技重施|and pretty soon she started up with the goo-goo eyes again.
而且还变本加厉|Only this time it was worse.
居然开始嗅我|She started sniffing me.
你没听错 她居然用鼻子嗅我|That's right, sniffing me.
搞什么飞机啊?|What was that all about?
我只能期望来年能摆脱魔掌|My _disibledevent="pagebreak">

可不是因为她天赋异禀|for being an eighth-grade Einstein.
而是因为她赖在无花果树上|No, she got front-page coverage because she refused
死活不肯下来|to climb out of a sycamore tree.
朱莉贝克和那棵白痴无花果树|Juli Baker and that stupid sycamore tree.
她认为那棵树|She always thought it was God's gift
是上帝对我们的恩赐|to our little corner of the universe.
嘿 布莱斯 过来和我们一起爬树不?|Hey, Bryce. Wanna come climb the tree with me and my brothers?
不了 谢谢|No, thanks.
布莱斯 快上来嘛 很好玩的|Bryce. Come up here. It's fun.
可以看到全世界呢 我没空|You can see everything. I can't.
我爸爸让我帮他修...|My dad needs me to help him fix
修东西|a thing.
拉倒吧|That's all I needed.
我才不要和朱莉贝克一起爬树呢|Climb up a tree with Juli Baker.
我可不想重温二年级的噩梦|I'd be dragged right back into the second grade.
布莱斯和朱莉爬上树梢|Bryce and Juli sitting in a tree.
我宁可下半辈子吃青豆度日|Why don't you just make me eat lima beans for the rest of my life.
还有三个街区就来了|It's three blocks away.
只剩两个喽|Two blocks.
还有最后一个|One block away.
还真把自己当回事 最受不了她这种人了|Like that's valuable information. I hate it when she does that.
真希望校车哪天能罢工|I like to think there's at least a chance the bus won't show.
这棵树在晨曦中显得尤为美丽 你说对么?|I think the tree looks particularly beautiful in this light. Don't you?
如果你所谓的美丽是指奇丑无比|If by "beautiful" you mean "unbelievably ugly,"
那我绝对赞成|then, yes, I would agree.
你眼神不太好吧 我真同情你|You're just visually challenged. I feel sorry for you.
眼神不太好?|"Visually challenged"?
眼神不太好?|"Visually challenged"?
她家不也是街坊邻里的笑柄么|This from the girl who lived in a house
居然敢这么说我?|that was the joke of the neighborhood?
灌木爬满了窗台 门前杂草丛生|They had bushes growing over windows and weeds all over the place.
我老爸为此很是不爽|It bugged my dad bigtime.
哟 快瞧瞧|Oh, there he is.
砌墙工当自己是大画家呢|The bricklayer who thinks he's a painter.
嫌那破车不够寒碜|That truck's not ugly enough in real life?
还得画幅画裱起来?|He's gotta make a painting of it?
人家的风景画可是集市上的抢手货|No, he does landscapes. Sells them at the county fair.
大家都夸赞他呢|People say they're beautiful.
风景画? 要我说吧|Landscapes? Let me tell you something.
他要是能把院子拾掇拾掇|The world would have more beauty in it
这个世界一定会更加美好|if he'd do a little landscaping _disibledevent="pagebreak">

这姑娘挺有骨气的|That girl has an iron backbone.
要不你抽空请她来家里玩?|Why don't you invite her over sometime?
有骨气?|An iron backbone?
她那是一根筋|She's just stubborn
而且还很自以为是|and she's pushy beyond belief.
是这样吗?|Is that so?
她从二年级起就老是缠着我|And she's been stalking me since the second grade.
这种女孩可是可遇不可求的|Well, a girl like that doesn't live next door to everyone.
谁遇上谁倒霉|Lucky them.
看看这个|Read this.
放下心中的成见|Without prejudice.
我才没兴趣了解朱莉贝克|Like I needed to know anything more about Juli Baker.
第二天早上朱莉没等校车|Juli wasn't at the bus stop the next morning.
第三天也不见她出现|Or the morning after that.
不知道她怎么来学校的|She was at school, but you'd never know it.
小乔伊? 他那妆也太浓了 他不显老啊|Little Joe? He's got so much makeup _disibledevent="pagebreak">

不好意思|Excuse me.
抱歉 你们不能停在这里 这是校车站台|Excuse me. I'm sorry, but you can't park there. That's a bus stop.
你在上面干嘛呢?|Hey, what are you doing up there?
赶紧下来 我们要砍树了|You can't be up there, we're gonna take this thing down.
砍这棵树? 没错 快下来吧|The tree? Yeah. Now come _disibledevent="pagebreak">

真够恶心的|I think it's gross.
他和朱莉的哥哥马特和马克 组了个乐队|He and Juli's brothers, Matt and Mark, had formed a band.
丽奈特要看着他们排练|And Lynetta would watch them practice.
太赞了吧|That is so neat.
你觉得呢 布莱斯?|How about that, huh, Bryce?
是啊 够给力的|Yeah. Neat.
布莱斯 你觉得它要怎么消化?|So, Brycie, how do you think he's gonna digest that?
胃酸? 就知道你会这么说|Stomach acid? You'd like to think that.
等等 别出声 好戏开始了|Wait, everybody quiet. Here he goes.
这才叫吃鸡蛋啊|Eggs over easy.
太恶心了 看得我想吐|Gross. Gross, gross, gross.
等等哈 最精彩的还没出现呢|Wait, wait. You haven't seen the best part.
我试着佯装淡定 却毫不管用|I tried to be casual about it, but it didn't take.
我开始做噩梦|I started having bad dreams.
梦见自己被困在巨型鸡蛋里|I'd be trapped inside a huge egg
怪物张嘴将我吞入囊中|and this monster would open his jaws and start to devour me.
所幸每次都能及时醒来|I'd wake up just in time.
没想到噩梦成真了|Then the real nightmare began.
嗨 布莱斯 我给你们带了些鸡蛋|Hi, Bryce. I brought these over for you and your family.
我家养的鸡开始下蛋了 什么?|My chickens are laying eggs. What?
还记得艾比 邦妮 克莱德|You remember Abby and Bonnie and Clyde
德克斯特 尤妮丝和弗洛伦斯吗?|and Dexter and Eunice and Florence?
就是科学展览会上孵的小鸡 当然记得啊|The _disibledevent="pagebreak">

这是什么情况|How did this happen?
是因为我同情艾迪吗|Was it because I felt bad for Eddie?
或者因为我不相信能拍到布莱斯?|Or was it because I couldn't trust myself with Bryce?
在我多功能厅的路上|As I made my way to the multi-purpose room
我思考着事情转变那一刻的经过|I contemplated the startling turn of events.
于是 我就准备和艾迪图鲁克共进午餐了|Here I was, about to have lunch with Eddie Trulock
而我朝思暮想了半辈子的男孩|while the boy I mooned over for half my life
却要和我的宿敌坐在一起吃饭|was going to share a meal with my mortal enemy.
谢谢你投我|I wanna thank you for bidding on me.
本来我就是走个过场|It was touch-and-go there for a while.
不 我想投你 挺有意思的|No, I wanted to. This will be fun.
听说你喜欢修飞机模型 是啊|I hear you like building model airplanes. Yeah.
我和爸爸刚建好一架俄国MiG-19|My father and I just finished a Russian MiG-19.
是1955年制造的|It was made in 1955.
MiG是第一架超音速战斗机|MiG's first supersonic fighter.
难在它的驾驶室是凹进的|Little tricky because the cockpit was recessed
我想把注意力都集中在艾迪身上|I tried to give Eddie my full attention.
但很困难 因为布莱斯就坐在他身后|But it was difficult, because Bryce was right behind him.
艾迪在说什么进气阀|Eddie was saying something about intake valves
突然 布莱斯站起来朝我走过来了|when out of nowhere, Bryce stood up and marched straight towards me.
嗨 朱莉 我要跟你谈谈|Hey, Juli, I gotta talk to you.
你在干嘛?|What are you doing?
他想亲我 他想亲我|He was going to kiss me. To kiss me.
这辈子我都在等那个吻|All my life I've been waiting for that kiss.
但不是这个 不是这样|But not like this. Not this way.
我飞快地骑车回家 我觉得我的肺快爆炸了|I pedaled home so hard, I thought my lungs would burst.
怎么了|What's wrong?
我不能说|I can't.
你可以对我说|you can tell me.
布莱斯想吻我|Bryce tried to kiss me.
真的吗|He did?
在学校里|In school.
当着大家的面|In front of everybody.
妈妈 别开门|Mom, please don't get it.
可能是他|It's probably him.
也许你该找他谈谈|maybe you should talk to him.
不行|I can't.
不行|I can't.
布莱斯不肯放过我|Bryce wouldn't leave me alone.
他不停地打电话|He kept calling on the phone.
敲门|And knocking on the door.
甚至爬上房子敲我的窗户|He even snuck around the house and tapped on my window.
朱莉 求你了 我要见你|Juli! Please, I gotta see you!
出来一下 就一分钟|Come on out, just for a minute!
他怎么不明白我不想见他|Why didn't he understand that I just wanted to be left alone?
两天后 布莱斯终于收手了|After two days, Bryce stopped.
我以为彻底结束了|And I thought it was finally over.
直到一天下午 我到前厅看书|Then, one afternoon, I was coming into the front room to read
听见院子里有响声|when I heard a noise in the yard.
他在干嘛|Hey, what's he doing?
朱莉 冷静点 我允许他那样的|Juli, calm down. I gave him permission.
允许? 允许什么 他在挖洞啊|Permission? Permission for what? He's digging a hole.
我同意他挖的|I told him he could.
为什么|But why?
我同意了的|I told him he could.
看他在我的草地上挖洞 让我很难受|It was torture seeing him dig up my grass.
为什么爸爸允许他挖洞|How could my father let him do this?
布莱斯知道我在看着他|Bryce knew I was there too.
他走了|He's gone.
树?|A tree?
他在种树?|He's planting a tree?
是...?|Is it a?
无须多问|I didn't really need to ask.
从叶子的形状|I could tell from the shape of the leaves
和枝干的纹路来看|and the texture of the trunk.
是一棵无花果树|It was a sycamore tree.
当她走出那扇门|When she walked out of the door,
我想起第一次见她|I thought back to the first time I saw her.
怎么会有人想从朱莉贝克手里挣脱呢|How could anybody, ever, have wanted to run away from Juli Baker?
他用那双眼睛看着我|He looked at me with those eyes.
忽闪忽闪的大眼睛|Those once again dazzling eyes.
我就知道布莱斯罗斯基仍然欠我一个初吻|And I knew that Bryce Loski was still walking around with my first kiss.
但他不会让我久等了|But he wouldn't be for long.
当我们站在那儿 我意识到这么些年|As we stood there, I realized that all these years
我们没有真正地交谈过|we never really talked.
需要帮助吗|Do you need some help?
但那天 我们开始交流了|But that day, we started.
我知道我们会说很久很久|And I knew we'd be talking for a long time.